1200 Miles & a Cup O' Dirt & a little Mississippi Mud!

Take the year long challenge of completing a dozen or half a dozen dirty centuries and join the fun in December! Everybody who completes this challenge will be rewarded with a custom hand-made stoneware mug as well as be in a drawing for other prizes. Read the FAQ for details, and welcome to the fun!

I've increased the fun to give some more folks a shot at the cup - a bit 'watered down' - We'll have the 1200 Mile Cup O' Dirt and a 600 Mile Cup O' Mississippi Mud and new in 2008 is the 1/2 Liter O' Dirt - earned by completing 12 metric centuries in the year! A special award will be presented to anyone completing either a dirty century or metric century in each month of the year.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Grelk Adds Another 100k

Dennis Grelk and Squirrel loaded thier gear... like - everything... from trail tools to camping gear and a race bike (you gotta see this!) and headed to Boone for the IMBCS #6 at Seven Oaks. They spent the day working the trail on Saturday - enjoyed an evening under the stars and then enjoyed the race on Sunday... - Dennis enjoyed all 3 laps of it it while Squirrel, lacking enthusiasm, bagged it after one lap - and joined the crowd to watch.

This counts as Grelks 7th metric - seems he's on his way to add a Half-Liter O' Dirt to his recently earned Cup O' Dirt! This will be Squirrels 3rd either metric or full.

Myself - I'll be heading off to Leadville with a crew from Central Iowa tomorrow - including Oakley Rob, Brian Benson, Dave Fish, Brian Duffy and my bride - Dee Mable. This is Robs first attempt at Leadville, while Fish and Duffy are working to earn thier first buckle and Benson hopes to better his PR. Dee and I are hoping to have an uneventful day - and if we do - are also hoping for a PR and maybe finish top 3 tandems again. That would be fun.

Other Iowans, and Cup chasers, include John Adamson and Kat Porter from Cedar Falls - John is a longtime vet - in fact will be looking to earn his 10th buckle this year, and Kat is attempting this gig for her first time. They are joined by Pb'ville veteran Mike Johnson. Good Luck to all Iowan's toeing the line!

Big news for this year is the fact that Lance is reportedly racing this year- I guess he and Charmichael still have that bet going from last year - and Landis is officially out - so there is no "Yellow Jersey Throwdown" or anything - Lance just wants to beat Charmichael - and maybe finish top 10 along the way. This author doesn't think that Dave Wiens, last year's winner, has anything to worry about from Lance - but we'll see - I could be wrong. Reguarding Landis - he's got this little suspension thing - and Leadville is a USAC sanctioned race - so he can't do it without adding time to his suspension, which is up in January of 2009.

I will be calling the Kim West Radio Show on Sunday evening at about 6:50pm CST for a brief report - and the August 17th show will feature Leadville with full results and stories from riders around Iowa, and the country! Tune in to 1460 KXNO!

We'll see ya on the flipside of the weekend!

Peace - Dave


Neve_r_est said...

Hey now, I might have finished the expert race at a snails pace but I did all three laps!

Good luck with Leadville.


D Mable said...

My bad! Correction noted! Congratulations on your 3 laps and 100k!

Peace - Dave

Steve Fuller said...

Good luck to everyone that is participating in Leadville this weekend. I'm going to have to consider it for next year. However, $240 to register for a race???? DAMN!!

D Mable said...

Dude... a spiffy new t-shirt, limited edition duffle bag, sweet poster as pre-race swag, great support and well stocked aid stations during the ride..... and if... IF you get'r done before the clock strikes 12 - a sweet hoody emblazoned with yer name and time... and swag of all swag - the coveted and hard-earned... and VERY expensive HAND MADE SILVER BELT BUCKLE!

$240 don't sound like so much now, eh? !! The best money we've ever spent!!!!