1200 Miles & a Cup O' Dirt & a little Mississippi Mud!

Take the year long challenge of completing a dozen or half a dozen dirty centuries and join the fun in December! Everybody who completes this challenge will be rewarded with a custom hand-made stoneware mug as well as be in a drawing for other prizes. Read the FAQ for details, and welcome to the fun!

I've increased the fun to give some more folks a shot at the cup - a bit 'watered down' - We'll have the 1200 Mile Cup O' Dirt and a 600 Mile Cup O' Mississippi Mud and new in 2008 is the 1/2 Liter O' Dirt - earned by completing 12 metric centuries in the year! A special award will be presented to anyone completing either a dirty century or metric century in each month of the year.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Gosh, Lots Goin' On!!!

Okay, so I'll try for the half liter, but I need to crack one metric century first. I enjoyed the ride very much but changed my route as I mentioned due to wind and pending darkness. By the time I hit mile 46, I was back in Decorah and unwilling to do two more hours in the dark alone. I hope to organize the next attempt better... and apply some things I learned. My road bike is really old, and my good bike is my mountain bike. I think I'd like a cross bike for stuff like this. Here's a photo at mile ten and thanks for inspiring me to ride distances I'd probably not do otherwise!

Robert Campbell (future Cup sipper-fromer)

From Shockey:

hey dave,

took advantage of sunday's warm temps to get in another metric. headed straight west into the wind and passed just north of ridgeway then just south of cresco. turned back eventually and paused at vernon springs for a quick snack then flew with the tailwind just south of ridgeway and back to town. highlight of the trip: scaring up a herd of buffalo and watching them run. just over 62 miles when i was done. gravels were just starting to get sloppy from the thaw as i was getting done so timing was good.


and from our friends in Cedar Falls...

Dave - my man
Here we go for another 12
Paul Meyermann, Robert Fry, Kathleen Porter and I went out for our first
100K of the year. The roads were most clear, dry and smooth. Looking
forward to many more miles of dirt this year. Your Cup of Dirt is a
very nice inspiration/carrot for us and we certainly appreciate the work
you do to make this happen.

An invitation from Mr. Fuller:

That's Gravel Road Ride 2 BRR.

The weather is supposed to be fan-FREAKING-tastic on Saturday. We've
been discussing this, so I'm going to start the organization now to
avoid some of the keystone cop-esque changes we normally have when
trying to organize one of these rides.

Any route that I've mapped out has Perry at about 30 miles from my
house in Johnston. Winds are supposed to be out of the south most of
the day. I'm thinking of leaving around 6:30 - 6:45 (AM) to head up to
Perry via gravel roads. Ride BRR. Have a beverage (or two, or three,
or...) and then figure out the route home. I'm open to riding back, or
getting a ride. If you don't want to ride BRR, you'll still get in
60ish miles of gravel for the day. I'll offer my place in Johnston up
as a meeting point. I'm about a mile and a half from gravel that will
take us either over to Dallas Center, or north towards Woodward.

Anyone else? Feel free to pass this along to anyone else you know that
might be interested.

And from Dave:

Good luck on your chase Mr. Campbell, welcome to the insanity!
Way to go Shockey! 4 in a month. You'll break Grelks record!
and Johnny and the CF Crew - Rock out! You guys make me smile!

Makes me kinda wanna ride!
Peace - Dave

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Steve Fuller said...

Anyone interested in this saturday's ride can shoot me an email at iowagravel@sfuller.net