1200 Miles & a Cup O' Dirt & a little Mississippi Mud!

Take the year long challenge of completing a dozen or half a dozen dirty centuries and join the fun in December! Everybody who completes this challenge will be rewarded with a custom hand-made stoneware mug as well as be in a drawing for other prizes. Read the FAQ for details, and welcome to the fun!

I've increased the fun to give some more folks a shot at the cup - a bit 'watered down' - We'll have the 1200 Mile Cup O' Dirt and a 600 Mile Cup O' Mississippi Mud and new in 2008 is the 1/2 Liter O' Dirt - earned by completing 12 metric centuries in the year! A special award will be presented to anyone completing either a dirty century or metric century in each month of the year.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Shockey Shocks Ouachita!

hey dave

had a great time down in arkansas with a very successul finish at the ouachita challenge. ended up 1st ss and 19th overall. 63 miles (race total, more counting warm-up) and a finishing time of 5 hours and 44 minutes. great weather, awesome trails, good results...not a bad weekend to pick up my 9th metric. only the second one so far not fixed. like the shirt idea but i'd vote dirt=brown and go with a brown shirt. but i don't mind rocking pink occasionally.

thanks again!

ed: All of us, here at Cup O' Dirt HQ, chasers past and present, would like to congratulate Mr. Shockey on his great ride to single speed victory!!! We'd also like to recognize, and congratulate Mr. 24, Jeff Kerkove, on his overall victory in the Ouachita 60 this past weekend. I'm sure it's his Iowa roots, not his high altitude training of Colorado, that helped him to victory!!! ;)

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