1200 Miles & a Cup O' Dirt & a little Mississippi Mud!

Take the year long challenge of completing a dozen or half a dozen dirty centuries and join the fun in December! Everybody who completes this challenge will be rewarded with a custom hand-made stoneware mug as well as be in a drawing for other prizes. Read the FAQ for details, and welcome to the fun!

I've increased the fun to give some more folks a shot at the cup - a bit 'watered down' - We'll have the 1200 Mile Cup O' Dirt and a 600 Mile Cup O' Mississippi Mud and new in 2008 is the 1/2 Liter O' Dirt - earned by completing 12 metric centuries in the year! A special award will be presented to anyone completing either a dirty century or metric century in each month of the year.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Drew Wilson's 1/2 Liter O' Dirt!

Last year I went on an early season, April, training ride with a large group in which I logged about 65 miles. It took virtually all day because of stops and "no-drop". That ride started in Cannon Falls and swooped over to the Red Wing area and back.

I rode the Almanzoo (104 miles)

I rode back and forth to my parent's place (they live in Red Wing and I'm in Rochester) 3 round trips in April and May as well (approximately 68 miles on 90% gravel). One of those weekends I also got in a 70 mile, mostly gravel, ride that took me into the hilly part of Wisconsin just across the river. That part of Wisconsin is some of the best gravel I've had a chance to ride... All together that is 7 more metric centuries (3 of them back to back to back)

I took a long time off from the distance riding and focused on my xc racing in late spring/early summer.

I raced in the Salsa 2-4 in the 8 hr class. Made 10 laps and had a total mileage for the day of 68 brutal miles.

I rode down from my house to the start of the Almanzo Gentleman's ride and then to the 62 mile checkpoint before getting a ride home (had other responsibilities). Total mileage there was about 70 miles, again with plenty of it on gravel.

I rode the Heck of the North. What a fun race! and a milestone in my training. At that point I was very proud of staying with the lead group! 100+ more miles of gravel.

I got 3 more metric centuries in during the late fall on rides where I went out backwards on the Almanzo course and other gravel behind my house.

I guess that's 13 metrics and 2 full centuries (would have been a lot more if I hadn't put in so many lonely days on real roads prior to selling my road bike in August)

As I already emailed- I have two metrics on snow already in this year as are detailed in my blog. I intend to try for the full Almanzo course this Saturday. My goal for the year is to be 30 metrics and 14 fulls. I wasn't aware of the "cup" until just recently, but it's already helped me to push myself just a little bit further on a couple of brutal winter rides. Thanks for doing this, hope I can inspire others-- keep in mind that I couldn't ride 30 miles on pavement on a road bike 18 months ago.




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