1200 Miles & a Cup O' Dirt & a little Mississippi Mud!

Take the year long challenge of completing a dozen or half a dozen dirty centuries and join the fun in December! Everybody who completes this challenge will be rewarded with a custom hand-made stoneware mug as well as be in a drawing for other prizes. Read the FAQ for details, and welcome to the fun!

I've increased the fun to give some more folks a shot at the cup - a bit 'watered down' - We'll have the 1200 Mile Cup O' Dirt and a 600 Mile Cup O' Mississippi Mud and new in 2008 is the 1/2 Liter O' Dirt - earned by completing 12 metric centuries in the year! A special award will be presented to anyone completing either a dirty century or metric century in each month of the year.

Monday, February 25, 2008

A Busy Weekend!!!

I am humbled! There is just a ton of action goin' on for the Cup'O Month Club! I can see that I'll actually have to find sumthin cool for those nailin' a hundy-a-month! Impressive! Here's the skinny on a weekend of fat-ridin:

Norbert Koenigfeld - 107.93 miles of dirt... all alone! 7350ft elevation gain - eat yer heart out you central Iowa flatties! 3200 feet - whateva! 10.9mph Ave. Quite impressive. In his own words:

"This one about killed me…14 different kinds of slush, 12 different kinds of ice, 5 different kinds of mud, sunburn, gravel roads that I’ve never ridden with hills throughout."

Guess who this belongs to? Yep, Mr. Bikeiowa hissef. Well, I suppose he drilled out his 2nd hundy - and on a fixie to boot! Sounds like Squirrel, Grelk, Sumpter and Rick all nailed the full hundy, while Fuller got a metric in. - I'll confirm and edit as needed. Anyway - sounds like a full-on day. Mechanicals, tacos... more tacos. Beer. Caseys. Peanut Butter. Frozen beards. Yep. A good day. Click Here for the fine print

More frozen beard pics here

Paul Jacobson was out and about for the day as well, enjoying the beautiful sites that Central Iowa gravel riding affords. Paul found his way around the countryside, completing his 2nd metric century. Jam out. Now, the thing about Paul riding around so much, all alone with his thoughts... is that he gets time to think. He dun came up with this hair-brained idea - a gravel ride across the great state of Iowa - in a day (or two!) His first annual GRAID is slated for March 29-30 - so ya best start ridin if yer gunna join him!

Great job to one an all - I'm hopin' to heal my butt enough in the coming months to actually join some a ya on these rides - but for now, 35 miles on pavement is about all I got!

Peace - Dave


Squirrel said...

"I'm hopin' to heal my butt enough in the coming months "...Dave that could go so many ways that I can't even begin:) Tom didn't get the full ride for this past Saturdays gig. Fuller got the metric..yes. Heal up, or Suck It Up....(damn its been a good day for that phrase) them Hundies are gonna be going on monthly:)


D Mable said...

A) Yep - been a long road to recovery - pulled a hammy in Nov... still bad. Dag-nabbit. We're headed to Pb'ville again- so it'd better heal up purty quick!

B)Yep - Grelk (Mr. I-Got-A-Cup-'O-Mississippi-Mud-By-March) lemme know the miles of all who met for viddles in the A. M.

Keep rockin & rollin! I'll see ya soon!


bikeiowa said...

Ahhh.. Frozen beard pics! Last Friday, I enjoyed the 5 budweisers I carried in my pack from Perry to Des Moines. Best "imports" I had in a long time! Next time, I buy and YOU Carry Squirel! :)